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300 West Redwood Street

Redwood Campus Center


Introduction – the Next Generation of Residential Campus Living
In January, Metropolitan purchased 300 West Redwood Street, a modern office building for conversion to 395 fully furnished, single occupancy apartments located on the campus of the University of Maryland Baltimore. The paradigm has changed in the COVID 19 generation of buildings. Single occupancy, fresh air distribution, increased air exchange
rate, filtration, UV treatment, increased elevator ratios and enhanced cleaning of common areas are now standard for campus living. By providing a complete retrofit of a modern building whose target market is graduate students and the UMB community, we will deliver the most advanced and innovatively engineered campus residential environment in Baltimore’s history, for initial occupancy commencing in academic year 2021. All utilities and high speed WiFi are included in the monthly rent and each apartment is designed for single occupancy or couples.
Each of the ten floors have individual and group study spaces. Laundry facilities are also provided on every floor and can be reserved for individual use, while in-unit laundry can be provided at the tenant’s option. The ground floor fitness center is designed and managed by the training team from the Under Armour Performance Center with gracious reciprocal privileges at the Under Armour Performance Center at 10 Light Street.
Of interest to our ownership is a strong relationship with all university graduate divisions and staff to promote a convenient, safe, highly engineered and amenity rich environment for graduate students and the university community at large. The only new multi-family product on campus to be offered in more than a decade, the fully furnished, all-inclusive rentals are specifically catered towards the needs of a busy student’s lifestyle. The completely safeguarded building, within two blocks of UMB, has integral secured parking for residents, with light rail, MARC and bus within easy walking distance. Parking is self contained and secured, and the study rooms on every floor are designed for distance learning if so required.


Due to the close proximity and easy walking distance to all of the UMB graduate divisions, the  UM Medical Center, and the VA Medical Center, we are pursuing participation with the  University Police Department’s Safe Walk/Safe Ride program and would be interested in  providing space for a police substation with parking for duty vehicles.  

Hospitality Suites 

The design of the fully furnished units allows for the inclusion of hospitality suites for
accommodations for our residents’ guests, UMB guests, visiting family members, and related
parties. If it is of interest to UMB, the program can be expanded to include visiting professors,
extended stay students, exchange students, etc.

Health and Safety 

From its inception, the Project design and systems engineering has required the highest level  of safety and occupant environmental performance criteria in the Baltimore residential  community, specifically: 

1. All apartments are designed for single occupancy to provide social distancing.  

2. UVGI units (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) are located in the supply air ducts for each  mechanical air handler throughout the building (4 UVGI’s per floor, every floor). 

3. In combination with UVGI, MERV 13 filters are located in each mechanical unit with  required interval replacement.  

4. Fresh outside air induction resulting in complete air changes on each floor at a rate of 5-7x  per hour, 24/7 are programmed. If necessary, the induction capacity for fresh outside air  can be further increased. 

5. Six elevators are available in the event of interval distancing.  

6. There are study rooms and business centers located on every floor that include high  speed WiFi and video monitors for remote learning and video-communications.  

10 Light Street



With the depth of experience gained from the Historic Preservation of 1101 Pennsylvania Avenue and the adaptive reuse of 259 Worth Avenue in the heart of the Palm Beach Historic District, Metropolitan purchased 10 Light Street in 2012 and will commence its Historic renovation and conversion to residential use. The 520,000 square foot, 34 story structure will be converted to 445 for-lease residences.

The building, currently known as The Bank of America Building, formerly the Baltimore Trust Company Building, is a 509 foot skyscraper located in the heart of Baltimore’s Historic Financial District, at the corner of East Redwood and Light Streets. It is the most architecturally signifiant building on the Baltimore skyline.  When completed in 1929, it was the tallest building in the state, and the tallest office building in the United States south of New York City.  The Art Deco building is fashioned from Indiana limestone and local brick over a steel frame. The building’s exterior is decorated with carved, Mayan Revival-style images and is capped with a copper and gold mansard roof. The ornate, four-story main colonnaded lobby is decorated with mosaic floors and historic murals depicting Baltimore’s history.
Plans for the conversion of the building to residential use are being developed in conjunction with the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, and the Baltimore Development Corporation.  For the last several months, these agencies have worked with the previous owner and the developer on plans for its sale and conversion to residential use.  It’s redevelopment will continue the strong residential growth pattern in the center of the historical financial district. The area, known as City Center, contains The 401, Baltimore’s fastest-growing residential neighborhood according to the 2010 U.S. Census. Housing demand research by Downtown Partnership, shows market demand for 5,800 new apartments in Downtown Baltimore over the next five years. The same neighborhood contains the highest concentration of office and employment uses in the city making for a dynamic walk to work environment fully supported by the retail of the Inner Harbor.
Adding retail and hundreds of new residents to the City Center will bolster a 24-hour life and critical mass of people in this important section of Downtown. The building, at 34 stories, has unsurpassed views of the city skyline and the Inner Harbor.
Other recent redevelopment efforts by the developer includes last year’s submission to the GSA to convert 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue (the historic Old Post Office) to a Waldorf Astoria hotel with a full compliment of destination retail on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.  Shortly thereafter, Metropolitan engaged the same preservation experts to formulate a redevelopment plan for conversion of Baltimore’s most iconic landmark, 10 Light Street, to residential and retail use.