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Asset Management

Having provided asset management for over 1.8 million square feet of commercial property, Metropolitan Partnership, Ltd. is keenly aware of the crucial importance of putting the goals and objectives of the Owner into reality. Because of this, Metropolitan is committed to conscientious planning and to optimizing the returns a property is capable of generating. While the chief focus of asset management is financial return of the property (both short and long term), asset management is also responsible for the integration of all leasing and marketing efforts toward achieving the return goals desired by the Owner.

Metropolitan’s asset management team is involved in all aspects of the performance of the on-site management and leasing team. Since the financial return of the property is directly related to the efforts of this team, Metropolitan periodically reviews and, if necessary, adjusts the efforts of the on-site team to assure optimum performance. In addition, asset management is also concerned with legal and environmental concerns of owning real property. Whether the issue is Americans with Disabilities Act or CFC’s, Metropolitan will apprise the Owner of its responsibilities and ensure compliance in a cost effective manner.

With careful management and effective implementation, Metropolitan’s asset management service is able to not only preserve an Owner’s physical asset but also maximize the yield and enhance its value.

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